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Assessment and Mapping of Istanbul District Municipalities’ Services Targeting Young Children and Families

This project, considering the socio-economic transformation in districts of Istanbul, aims to generate an extensive inventory of all the social services that target children and families offered by district municipalities, and consequently propose policies to improve these services. The project consists of three stages.

Firstly, districts of Istanbul will be mapped considering education levels, age groups and income levels at the neighborhood level using Geographical Information System (GIS). These up to date and detailed maps will set forth the distribution of the child population for each district and how education and income levels differ among districts and neighborhoods.

In the second stage, through a field study, 39 district municipalities will be interviewed for examining the services they provide for children and families, such as education services, health services, parks, green spaces and social welfare among others. At this stage, various variables such as the quality and administration of the services, the personnel running the services and demographics of the beneficiaries from the services will be studied. Four pilot municipalities will be selected where further in-depth interviews will be conducted with municipal officials to determine the shortcomings of the service providers and needs of the targeted population.

In the last stage policy proposals will be generated based both on the findings of the first two stages and the meetings with participants from municipalities and civil society. The policy proposals will aim to improve the quality of the services and their distribution according to the needs in each district. The findings will be presented to all the partners during roundtable meetings to be held at the end of the project.


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