Good Governance

TESEV, as part of its Good Governance research area, develops evidence based policy recommendations for central and local governments, on the governance of public issues and resources focusing on transparency, accountability, participation, and impact.

Istanbul 95 project, considering the socio-economic transformation in districts of Istanbul, aims to generate an extensive inventory of all social services that target children and families offered by district municipalities and consequently propose policies to improve these services.

The overall purpose of the Empowering Women in Local Governance project, funded by Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul,  is empowering women in local governments and in local civil society.

From Immunity to Impunity: Debates on whether Public Officials’ Immunity in Turkey Hinder Anti-Corruption Policies project discussed whether public officials’ immunity gives way to impunity and whether this issue hinders the development of anti-corruption policies.


This research area supports the following Sustainable Development Goals

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and  the “Public procurement” and “Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments” chapters of the European Union’s aquis